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Creative Financing

Depending on a home seller’s situation or need to sell, there are some great ways to buy property creatively with real estate investing. First off, you can buy properties that are already “for sale” on the MLS with an agent and make offers that way. But, if you want to pick up properties without the hassles of real estate agents, and make creative deals happen, then you need to market to sellers that need or want to sell their property quickly. I know a guy at roofing Roswell, GA that has this down pat.

There are certain lists that you can purchase in order to market to direct sellers without going through an agent. Some of those example lists would be Continue reading Creative Financing

Real Estate Investing Topics

Welcome to our new blog about real estate investing and related topics, we will be back to update this introductory post and to add more information about investing in real estate!

Real estate investing is one of the best ways to build wealth over a 10 to 20 year period. Hey, you are going to be working, saving, and setting yourself up for retirement in one shape or form anyway, so it is smart to add this to your investment vehicles and plan. My friend Michael over at Plumber Roswell, GA has gotten started over the last 5 years and has built up a nice portfolio of cash flowing homes. There is no better way to invest your idle cash that is just sitting in the bank whether that be a CD, savings, money market, or what have you. Now, make sure to keep a rainy day fund for the bills and your monthly expenses, but any excess cash is great to invest into a property with rental income coming back to you monthly. It is very common if you find the right deals, Continue reading Real Estate Investing Topics